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Nowadays we do almost everything digital: our banking, signing up for a subscription with a supplier, travel booking, you name it! That's also why we have to remember many different user Id"s and passwords. In addition, we still have identifyers and pincodes.

This has led to the European eIDAS regulation, a European regulation for electronic identification and signature.

The aim of the eIDAS regulation is to increase confidence in electronic transactions and to increase the effectiveness of public and private online services and electronic commerce in the European Union's internal market. (from the report of the second Chamber of the States General of Tuesday 29 November 2016)

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In almost every industry, pen (wet) signatures are still being put. Think of signing a purchase agreement with a broker or the notary. But also within companies, many agreements are still being signed "wet", for example, a contract of employment or a deal between two or more companies. NDA's, Teaming agreements, you name it.

Read on this page how our customers in different industries and within different processes leverage IndorseSign!

Construction industry

The HR director of a large construction company with 70,000 employees spent most of his day signing employment contracts. Using IndorseSign, the employees of the HR department can draft all agreements and store them in a folder ready for signing. The HR director can legally sign all documents in the folder at once. Of course, he can also take samples or, if necessary, sign all agreements individually. The big difference is that it can now be a choice that saves many hours of signing per day. And everyone receives a legally signed agreement.

In every process

Pharmaceutical industry

A pharmaceutical company must adhere to a large number of regulations. The risks of a possible error are so great that strict adherence to standard procedures and processes is demanded from the employees.

In order to achieve this, a pharmaceutical company will use all standard processing procedures using IndorseSign written, approved and distributed.

Using IndorseSign ensures compliance, while reducing costs dramatically.

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