Help your customers quickly and easily

Within the public sector you have a complex challenge: the public wants to be helped as quickly as possible and in a simple way, while the government has to follow a multitude of rules and procedures.

In the field of e-Government the Netherlands is already doing a lot, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

The embedding of E-Government in processes can be a challenge. The design of the workflow, signature, approval, potential sealing or publication at a specific time and date should often be solved with customization.

With IndorseSign this is much easier. IndorseSign offers you the possibility to Concipieren, sign (or send for signature) documents (the signatory was authorised to sign this document).

Because IndorseSign is based on Alfresco, you can easily automate your rules and procedures and also have an electronic archive for all your documents.

Save time and money

IndorseSign offers the convenience of a legally valid digital signature for signing agreements, permits and contracts. In addition, these documents can be viewed, forwarded or printed from any device by authorized persons.

An employee may draft and sign documents that another employee approves with an electronic stamp based on the unique endorse function. Thenask the client to sign. Or in any other order you wish.

Documents can be sealed so that only the recipient can open the document with a code at a preset time.

Not only the application of automated processes saves you time and money, but also the availability of your documents! All your agreements are in the cloud (private or public) and are always easy to find. Checking the status of a document will be very easy!


You can choose to host IndorseSign in your own datacenter so that you are fully in control of where your data is located and who has access to it.


Of course we also offer you a cloud alternative. All your documents are securely stored in a cloud environment that complies with European privacy rules (GDPR).


You can seal every document. Only the addressee can open it. You can specify a time and date in advance. Think for example of a tender to be sent out.


You can sign documents based on the three levels of trust of eIDAS: Standard, Advanced, or Qualified.


IndorseSign has a patented endorse function. IndorseSign enables you to register the authorization of employees from your organization. On this basis, documents signed and approved by relevant employees may be assessed and approved.


Inoffers you the comprehensive workflow and document management features of alfresco. IndorseSign allows you to quickly define your own rules and procedures.