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No day passes without us having to sign anything. We often use a variety of devices: Sometimes a pen, sometimes a tablet, a mobile or a laptop. For some things, you sign with the code of an identifier, a password or by transfer of 1 cent.

All these different ways of signing something does not make it any easier. This is why the government has decided to introduce eIDAS. eIDAS is a regulation that should ensure that within Europe we can identify ourselves anywhere with a digital signature. Such a digital signature must, of course, meet a number of requirements and that is regulated in eIDAS.

More convenience

An electronic signature is only one of the advantages that IndorseSignoffers. IndorseSign has an electronic filing cabinet with all the documents you have signed. IndorseSign's secure cloud solution makes sure that you can quickly find your documents with any device from anywhere. And that does not necessarily have to be contracts. You can also add diplomas or other documents to IndorseSign.

IndorseSign offers you the possibility to write a letter and to make its contents available to the addressee at a date and time that you have specified.

You can seal your documents or protect them with a password.

Use IndorseSign Anywhere

IndorseSign works on your mobile, tablet, laptop. The data is in the cloud and you get a message when you need to sign something. You can also check if someone has signed the document you have sent,

This means that you don't have to check if a document has happened to be in your spam filter and we are not talking about the post at all.

IndorseSign is easy to use

IndorseSign is easy to use. You can scan and upload documents. Or create documents with a word-processor.

You can ask others to sign a document.They will receive an email with the request to log in and sign your document.

Once your document is signed you will receive a message.

The signed document remains available to you and the signer in the cloud. So searching for a document is a thing of the past! Of course you can also download the signed document.


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