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How to easily on-board customers 100% online with an EU-Legally Binding Digital Signature

For European service providers, on-boarding new customers can be challenging and risky. At the same time, it can be annoying for customers: within the EU, legally binding signatures are required to sign agreements or documents. Businesses are therefore pressured to provide reliable, secure and better customer services, while at the same time reducing cost and risk. How can banks, energy providers, insurance companies and other service providers make sure this digital signature is legally binding, […]

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What it means not to have IndorseSign’s advantages

IndorseSign is a cloud-based service that is making life easier. Many companies are using it to remove the friction inherent in content and document management, e-signatures, authentication and electronic transactions. They are already profiting from the benefits IndorseSign offers. So, what are companies that are not using this solution missing out on? Compliancy The first important thing advantage companies will miss out on, is compliancy. Since September 2018, all organizations delivering public digital services in […]

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